Symptoms of Blood Clot

During injury blood platelets release substances which together with fibrin, also found in the blood, form a mesh around the injured area preventing further bleeding. This mesh will later on becomes visible as scab and breaks off as cell differentiation on the damaged portion is completed. This is a good thing if it happens on parts of the body visible to the naked eyes like the skin. Now, what if it occurs inside the lower legs, thighs, pelvis and arms? How will you know it? What are the symptoms that you might have this?

In this case, blood clot could be fatal especially if it is not discovered and treated early on. So it pays to know the signs and symptoms of blood clots. Beware of these symptoms; it may save your life or loved ones.

The symptoms could be one or a combination of any of the following.

 Pain and tenderness in the legs and arms

 Increase in skin temperature on the affected area, this means the skin feel warm to the touch

 Swelling of the legs or thighs, or arms

 Discoloration of the skin on the skin which could range from red to blue or purple

If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above pay your doctor a visit immediately. The earlier it is diagnosed and treated the better. It may sound uncomplicated but the truth of the matter is, if you have this the aftermath could be life disrupting and even fatal in some cases. To some, blood clot is regarded as a silent killer. Actually in many cases there are no noticeable symptoms. So it helps to be vigilant and preventive all the time. If you are traveling, for example, make it a point to stretch your muscles every 1 to 2 hours, exercise, eat and live a healthy life.

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Bridal Lingerie

A woman is said to be most beautiful during her wedding day. You can also enhance your beauty by using lovely Bridal Robes that should make you look even better on camera. Classy Bride offers personalized or monogrammed robes, available in terry and satin cloths. Available in a wide variety of colors, you pick one that suits your personality or something in your favorite color. Your bridesmaids can also wear matching robes, which can also be personalized with names on the front and back. Aside from robes, the online store also offers other wedding-related items, including wedding gowns, lingerie, reception favors, wedding shoes, swimwear, and so much more.

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Car Insurance Quotes

Going with no car insurance is certainly a big no-no! Don’t ever try that, no matter how careful a driver you might be. Accidents can happen anytime, anywhere, and even to the best of drivers. In fact, you can even become involved in one even while your vehicle is stationary! Have you found a car insurance quote yet? At on Allred Insurance, you can easily get a quote – for your vehicle, for your home, or even for both.

The first thing to do is pick the insurance you need and post your zip code in the search box before clicking “Go”. You’ll be taken a page where you’ll have to fill in the necessary details. You’ll get your quote in a jiffy.

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Sotheby’s Realty in Miami

I was browsing through the sothebys in miami for their real estate. Not that I am planning to buy a home there anytime soon but to get an idea of what kind of house I can get for the money that my hubby and I currently have. The thought came after we have experienced a very long and frigid winter this last. I suggested to my husband that we might consider buying a second home somewhere tropical. I prefer to buy a winter home in my native country, the Philippines but since travelling across the Pacific Ocean has been very taxing to our body now, I mentioned to buy somewhere in Florida instead.

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New Appliances

refrigeratorMy hubby and I were out of town when our refrigerator quit working. That made my hubby mad because we only had that GE refrigerator for eight years. His grandma’s refrigerator is still working and it is eighty years old. We are using it to keep the night crawlers cool down in the basement. My hubby checked on our GE refrigerator first to see if he could fixed it but unfortunately he was not able to so we went window shopping at the nearby home improvement stores.

We found this Kenmore 18.2 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator at Sears for $530 on Friday but when we came back on Saturday to buy it, it was on sale for only $423.99. On top of that, we got a 10% discount and twelve months 0% interest when we applied for a new Sears card. Aside from the new refrigerator, we also bought a new washer and it is also a Kenmore. We have decided not to buy anymore GE appliances because of our bad experience with the refrigerator. My hubby has had his Kenmore washer for almost thirty years now but it has had a few problems lately so we decided to get a new one while we could still get the 10% discount.

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External DVD/CD Writer

dvd writerMy hubby has been thinking about buying an external DVD/CD writer for quite sometime because the one that I currently have in my computer doesn’t work. Even the two that came in his newer computer would not write DVD’s like they were supposed to. Now, we have a DVD/CD writer that we can both use whenever we have the need.

We bought it at Walmart for $69.97. This HP Ext 24X Multiformat DVD/CD Writer – DVD1270e was on sale. HP’s USB External drive offers high speed, especially if you are using USB 2.0 interface. It has many features but I am just using the basic ones in the meantime.

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New Digital Camera

I like my new digital camera much better than the old one. For $50 we got more than three times as many mega pixels, a bigger LCD screen, a lot more memory storage for pictures, all at about a third of the cost. It has a lot of features that our old camera did not have. It uses only two AA batteries instead of four. It has zoom control for recording video clips. By shopping around we learned that a digital camera doesn’t have to be expensive to get what we need.

digital cameraThe feature that I like most is that it has face detection and face tracking technologies that isolate subjects in-frame and optimize conditions to take the best pictures of friends and family.

My hubby and I bought the camera at a nearby BestBuy store. It would be nice to have the professional kind but we found out that this basic camera meets all of our needs. It was difficult for me without a digital camera, especially when I needed one for my blogging. I had to use my web cam and that was a big hassle.

My hubby and I were finally able to checked out the new camera last Friday. I took pictures of him while he was watching television and the pictures turned out really well.

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